• Engage Interaction

    Entrhall your team with twists, turns, problem solving and fascinating tasks.

    • Goal Clarification
    • Improve Communication
    • Promote Creativity
    • Improve Team Understanding
  • Create Fun

    Excite your team in fun, exciting challenges.

    • Create Team Trust
    • Foster Unity
    • Promote Negotiation
    • Inspire Bonding
  • Energise Your Team

    • Adrenaline Pumping
    • Leadership Building
    • Strategy Implementation
    • Time Management

Start Building Your Team

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Why People Choose Team Building NZ?


Foster positive cultural environment and understanding amoung colleagues


Provide staff with a fun and engaging event allowing participants to learn and appreciate more aout each other


Highlight the teams individual and combined importance to the company


Acknowledge your team with a fun activity for dedicated service and high performance

An Activity to fit every taste

An Activity to fit every taste, fitness level, location and time frame.

Promote communication and unity amongst your delegates or peers and turn your event location into your very own recreational fortress. For a range of ideas and options enquire today.

Jump Start your event or conference with an adventure

Jump Start your event or conference with an adventure based team building program.

Enquire now about our extensive range of options that will challenge, excite and energise your delegates

Engage your team in every way possible

Brain Busters and Mind Melters aplenty will engage your team in every way possible.

Whether it be collectively immersing themselves in a seemingly impossible conundrum or celebrating over a well sought solution your team will find common ground over one of our enthralling program options. To find out more click enquire today.

What people say about us?

Testimonals of our Customers

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    Our team definitely enjoyed the day and everyone I've spoken to has positive things to say about the day and the activities. The right mix of achievable and challenging! Thank you so much for organising everything. Hopefully we can make it an annual event on our social calendar and do something similar next year.

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    We had an incredibly fun and productive day, achieving all the objectives. The facilitating staff were very professional and even turned up an hour early. very quick with responses and we managed to get the event locked in within 2 weeks of Christmas. Thanks for a great outcome.

    Bauer Media Group NZ LP
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    We had a great afternoon and the feedback about the morning was tremendous, so thank you again for being so professional and supportive throughout the planning and running of the activity.

    Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
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    Thank you for a great event, it was enjoyed by everyone and we look forward to the next opportunity.

    The Langham
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    I can't thank you enough for how great Sunday was. Honestly, it was (as always) run so well and took the pressure off us to actually watch and enjoy the activities. We will definitely continue to use you ,you're amazing! Thanks so much

    Russell Mcveagh
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    It was a well organised event which all 22 participants thoroughly enjoyed. Everyone had a blast. Will definitely encourage others to make use of this event!

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    It was such an awesome night and so much laughing. Nice to see our staff having a good laugh at each other. Love the photos.

    The Langham
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    Can't fault you or your team. I would like to thank you for the wonderful day that we had. The feedback from staff has been fantastic - everyone thinks that the cameras were great as we have now been able to capture a lot more of what happened during the day - fabulous idea.
    AUT University
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    You and your team were a joy to work with and the events were tremendous. Already other groups are asking about you - so expect calls. We do a Young Professionals Conference every year (cadets and graduates) and I know they would relish the chance to have a tug of war and other things! Thank you very much. It was a total success. DOWNER
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    The organisation was very professional and made for a fantatic day had by all the staff. You portrayed that everything was do-able which took a lot of stress off us. THe teams an the medals made for a fun day too.
    MS&AD Insurance Group
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    Loved throwing chocolate fish at each other - really broke down barriers fast! Set us up for a great day. Ray White
    John Doe (SEO of LLF Corp.)
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    I just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation to you and your excellent team on a wonderful event. There were many times leading up to the day I had doubts about the whole thing. Closing our plant at a time of high demand was a huge call, but the end result was every bit as good as I had hoped, better I suspect for many of our staff.

    We achieved virtually all our objectives for the program, and I personally witnessed a couple of my own team blossom under the program.

    Gtech Bellmor Engineering